The Battle For America


Back in the 1980’s…

I was just going about my business, when suddenly the Lord dropped on me what I called a “prayer burden”. I subsequently had encounters in the Spirit that were the most profound of my life. I was drawn into prayer and He taught me how to wait on Him, until He prayed through me. This was all new to me and I was like a little child, learning to obey. One of the things at that time that I was stirred to pray for was for the church to repent of it’s complacency. That’s a whole different topic, but not for this post.

The other thing on my heart at the time was to pray for the United States of America. Many things have taken place in my life since then, but still there is the call to pray for this nation. We have just returned from a 2 week trip to Israel. We went there to set our feet on the ground and pray for Israel and for their election. Thank God for the miracle outcome! After the election, I was praying at the Wailing Wall for family, for friends, for my husband and I and our future in the Lord’s purposes, and for our Israel. Then as I laid my hands on the wall and began to pray for America, the tears came, and the burden was there. The tears are not those of acceptance of “all is lost” but of intercession. There is hope, because there is God.

This afternoon as I went to have some time with the Lord. I had no agenda. But, I waited, and after a while, the anointing came to pray for America, once again.

The fight is the age old one…between good and evil, between the Lord and His enemy, the deceiver. The enemy who fell from heaven like lightening, still wants the worship that belongs only to the Lord God. So, he has turned many to a belief in a false prophet and called himself by a name they think is their god.

The battle for America is because the enemy of The Lord God Almighty wants to destroy this nation that the Lord raised up to be a beacon of hope and of freedom. America wears the name of Christ like no other. She was Providentially founded on the bible, on Judeo-Christian principles, for the Divine purposes of God.

Without going into all the details of my prayer, I just want to share this one part… I began to pray for the Father to send the Heavenly host of angels, and Michael, the Archangel, to fight for this nation. Even as when Daniel prayed, Gabriel came to him and told him that he had been detained until Michael was sent to fight against the prince of Persia. Read about that in Daniel chapter 10. I could see the hosts of angels being led by Michael, the Chief Prince, to do battle for the very soul of our beloved America. It’s not a movie. This is real.

After my prayer time, followed by a short snooze, I opened my computer and was led to a Facebook page, hosted by my friend Joanne Bush. I haven’t had much time to visit her page recently, but as I looked around, I came across the following prophecy by someone I do not know. I was so encouraged, and you will understand why when you read it. God gives confirmation to His people.

Why does God work through His people as we pray? Why is this His way of acting in behalf of those He loves? We could give our answers, but suffice it to say, that’s just how it is. That is His system. So, our part is to get on board. I know there are many that are called to pray for America, to stand in the gap, to believe that nothing is impossible with God. If He calls us to pray, then He calls us to believe. When you pray, believe.

As I said to Him today, “All power and authority belongs to You, O Lord. You can do all things. After all, heaven is Your throne and the earth is Your footstool.” Isaiah 66:1

Read the prophecy about Archangel Michael and the heavenly host here.

4 thoughts on “The Battle For America”

    1. Ahhh, Michael, you always lift my wings. If only I were a fraction of a Rees Howells! I did, however, devour books about his ministry many years ago. I should read them again!


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