Win Or Be Holy?

Open Bible on American Flag

I am so blown away by Christians in this election. Everyone has a right to vote for their choice. But here’s what is happening. Christians are calling people who vote for Trump everything in the book. Actually, NOT in the book..(Bible). These Christians have decided that if someone votes for Trump… you must be the biggest sinner on the planet. (Too bad they weren’t that concerned about your salvation before this election.)

So, this is my response to someone’s video that I just watched. Some guy said that you should not be concerned about winning (re:Trump talks about we are going to win again, as a country.) This guy says we shouldn’t care about winning, as a country, but about being holy. Of course, then he says we must vote for Ted Cruz, so we can be holy. So, here is my response to the video:

“Ted Cruz would lose. No doubt about it. He is not carrying even the states, the demographics, that are supposed to be his strength. He will not bring in votes from Independents nor disenfranchised Democrats, that Trump is bringing in. He would lose, probably worse than Romney did.

So, you get Hillary for probably 8 years. America will be gone for good! Is that what you want? If you think winning is bad…there you go. You got it. Then you can be really holy because you’ll be persecuted as never before, and so will your children and your children’s children. But, hey…maybe God’s Providential America is not that important to you.”

I just don’t see what is so hard to understand. My litmus test for a candidate is if they are pro-life. I would never in a million years vote for someone who is pro-abortion.

Do I wish Donald Trump acted a little more “Presidential”? Yes. But, I also wish Ted Cruz didn’t stand up and twist the truth for which he has earned his nickname. (You know, Lyin Ted)  I also wish Marco Rubio had not betrayed the people who helped him get elected when he led the fight for amnesty as soon as he got into office. I also wish John Kasich was not the liberal guy he is. But, even beyond that, I want a candidate who can beat Hillary. As I see it, Trump is the only one who has even a chance for that.

As far as Trump acting Presidential, I actually think we NEED the fighter. My girly side says yes, I wish he was a bit more subdued. But, the side of me who knows we must fight for what is left of our country says, ” Go Trump!” Speak the truth about illegal immigration. Speak the truth about corruption in Washington. Speak the truth about candidates who are bought and paid for. Who else has had the courage to tackle things like political correctness that has tried to snuff out our rights for years now, and getting worse. Until Trump came along and blasted it right between the eyes, you would never have heard anyone speak so directly.

So, pardon me while I try my best, with the little that I have, to do all that I can to get someone other than a Socialist in the White House.

Think of me whatever you want. We, as a country, are in deep trouble. I love my America and I believe God wants to bless us once again.

2 thoughts on “Win Or Be Holy?”

  1. Judy Ann… I did watch that video. The guy was so sincere, but here is my response to him… I said to him…. “Do you really think Cruz will help us be holy? He’s running for president, not spiritual leader. And just as well too, not that I mind him discussing his favorite alcoholic beverage (Canadian Whiskey) on the CNN town hall. When it comes to spiritual leaders, I guess a whiskey drinking son of a pastor that prays, beats the tar out of a teatotaler business tycoon who swears in public. But then, I’m not looking for a spiritual leader for our president.

    What really bugs me about Ted Cruz is his blatant lying and twisting of facts. Bible in one hand, lies on his lips. Daily. Don’t tell me how holy Ted is. I don’t care that he loves to drink whiskey. There are worse things. I do care that he would rather tell a lie about his opponent than be truthful.

    Of course many pastors are supporting Trump. They know the difference between a pastor and a president. But you accuse them of caring more about winning than about holiness. In all honesty Ken, I was so glad I skipped dinner tonight, because listening to you opine about what you believe God told you that was the real reason Christian leaders were supporting Trump was because they would rather win, win, win instead of being concerned about holiness made me almost lose my lunch!

    Look Ken, no personal malice intended here. You seem like a nice guy who loves God. I don’t question that. I do question why you think you know why so many pastors and leaders “get it” about Trump. And that the reason is because they don’t care about holiness!?!?!?!?! Where do you get off with that my brother? Listen, Trump is no choir boy. He is rough and uncouth, but he loves America and will tear up the establishment Cruz is part of and in bed with. (That globalist agenda thing. Surely you know about that.)

    The reason so many Christians who don’t condone his rough language or some of his antics are supporting him is because they know that Cruz hasn’t got a snowballs chance in the hot place of winning the general election. Neither does that weasel Rubio. Mark my words… Cruz cannot win and will not win. He is loathed by many Republicans (as is Trump), but Cruz is also loathed by every democrat or independent in America. Trump has millions of voters that were either independent or Democrat crossing over. That is YUGE! With Trump, we do win. And you must win to get the things done that need to be done.

    Cruz is a professional politician and lawyer. I will spare you the lawyer jokes, (but they do apply). If I had my druthers, I would have the constitutional expertise of Cruz, the eloquent oratory of Rubio, the wisdom and pastoral ability of Huckabee and the business experience and courage of Trump. But we don’t get that choice. So vote for a man who is flawed in many ways like Cruz and be guaranteed to have Hillary in charge, or vote for a flawed man who has more in common with many of Israel’s historical deliverers like Samson but will break up the wicked, political monopoly that runs our country.

    Cruz talks but can’t do. He has won some legal cases but he’s also argued in front of the Supreme court to keep a man in prison for decades for shoplifting a calculator in Walmart. Judge Roberts was appalled at Cruz for trying to keep a man in prison who was sentenced unfairly and not according to Texas law. Cruz is the one who cared more about winning at any cost. Truth be danged. His case in the Supreme Court was a disgrace and a dishonor. Of course he lost that one. Thankfully.

    Anyway, think of Trump more like a Cyrus or a Samson or a Jepthae, even a David who according to local lore had killed his tens of thousands, had multiple wives and even had one of their husbands killed. Yes, Trump is not perfect. Not even close, like you seem to be, but if he wins and I believe he will, it will be good for America and for your children and grandchildren.

    Or are you expecting the rapture before then? Trump is not my pastor. Thankfully Cruz isn’t either. We need a Samson, more than we need a dishonest politician with a Bible in his hand. Perhaps you don’t think what he did to Carson was dishonest, or that he was somehow above it all. But the guy responsible, his campaign manager, is a well known dirty politicing, win at all costs, sleaz. A lot in common with his boss.


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