Go Thou And Do Likewise

My reply to a ministry from another country talking about how God is planning to judge America with a nuke:

What should Christians do for America? How about interceding? How about praying that God will intervene? Read the story of Sodom and of God’s responses to Abraham when he asked…Will you not destroy it for the sake of..what did God say back to him??

How about Christians getting out of their religious, pious, condescending, “I hope God sends a nuke to America, so I can be proven right” attitudes, and PRAY! Do you pray will all your heart for God to intervene in America as well as your own wicked, socialists nations? How about going into the marketplace, even politics, and actually doing something?

What is wrong with America? Could it be that Christians, Christian leaders for, lo, too many years, have abdicated their leadership in society to the ungodly? “Let’s just build our little Christian kingdoms, fight each other, and complain about how the wicked rule.” It is sickening to me how weak and impotent the church is.

Here is an example of someone doing something to effect change:       One group of Christian warriors, centerformedicalprogress.org, led by a young man, David Daleidin, worked for 2 years infiltrating Planned Parenthood to obtain videos exposing the evil that’s been going on for years. Because of his group’s work, we have a chance to see a change in the abortion industry. Thank God for them! They have done something that apparently the entire Christian community in America had no power to do since 1973. These are people I want to give tithes and offerings to.

Where are the fighting men, and women, in God’s ARMY??? I have been born again, Spirit filled since the 70’s. I for one, have had it with doing nothing Churchianity.

A few months ago, a good number of Christians from Australia fasted and prayed for America. That was like cool water on a hot day.

America is in pain. America is right now the certain man that fell among thieves in Luke 10. Who will be the good Samaritan to us in our time of need? Will you pass by and prophecy death to us, or will you pour in the oil and wine by praying with love and compassion?

“Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among the thieves?
And he said, He that shewed mercy on him.

Then said Jesus unto him, Go, and do thou likewise.” Luke 10:36,37

4 thoughts on “Go Thou And Do Likewise”

  1. Well, Judy…the voice of the one crying in the wilderness…I hear your cry…I hear your heart…and you are absolutely right. There are several incidents in scripture that encourage me when the “masses” are making “messes.” God rarely uses the “masses” to move a few…He generally uses a few (or sometimes one) to move the “masses.” There is a Phineas somewhere that is hearing what God is saying through you…and is zealous for the Lord. The key is to not stop sounding the trumpet. Jeremiah and Ezekiel did not get one convert during their lifetime…but the spirit of both men is evident in God’s Kingdom. Someone has to cry and weep for the people…weep for the land. It only takes two…and sometimes that “two” seems like you and God only…even then, that is a majority.

    During the past years God has given me several prophetic words concerning the church which have been encouraging. Several years ago, when everyone was so excited about so many missionaries going to Russia from America, I was standing on a platform in Texas, waiting to minister to that congregation. During the praise and worship time I was having this debate with God about why He was sending so many to Russia when we had such a great need here. He very clearly told me that we (America) would be reaping the seed we have sown in Russia and other foreign lands in humanitarian aid as well as the spreading of the Gospel. He said they would begin to come to America to help us. That was about 20 years ago. I have since encountered several missionaries from various parts of the world who have a specific assignment to this country. I hold on to that word when I look at the mess I see and am tempted to lose hope. It took Moses 40 years before God came to him. But…God only came because of the cry of the people. God was obligated to go for the deliverer the people were crying out for…so these things encourage me and keep me grounded when I get so frustrated at what is happening naturally.

    Keep crying out…it is not falling on deaf ears…I promise you. Love you…


    1. Joanne, thank you so much for being such an encourager! I love what you said about sowing and reaping. I went with a group to Moscow, Russia in 1995. We were allowed to go into the public school classrooms, give them bibles, and tell them about the Lord. Then we had crusades in the evening, where they ran to the altar. The kids were so precious. Before I went, I asked the Lord to take care of my unborn grandson, who was due to be born during my absence. We had no clue that there would be any problem. He was born the day I was traveling back home. There were complications with his lungs, and when I arrived at the hospital, he was white like a sheet of paper. I remember when they said they were putting him on life support. Let’s just say…the devil left the scene that day! The hospital said it was a miracle that he survived. A doctor who had recently come from Jordan was on duty, it was his first on duty call in the hospital, and he was the only doctor there who knew how to treat him. He stayed in ICU with him until he was out of danger. My grandson, Tristin, was fine, and went home a few days later. When my daughter in law tried to find the doctor about a week later, they said he had left the country and gone back to Jordan! Tristin a fine young man who is such a blessing to me, as are his older brother, Cody, and his younger brother, Devin. The are all my miracles! I MIGHT be a proud grandma! : ) This link is a picture of Tristin. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10205527655003814&set=pb.1025037857.-2207520000.1443815702.&type=3&theater


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