My Backyard Bliss

I’ve been sitting in my backyard listening to the symphony of the beautiful birds, including the woodpecker drummer.


The momma and baby deer came by to have a snack.

photo (49)

The faint scent of magnolias, the cool breeze that refreshes every few minutes, blue sky, white clouds….

Get outside! Away from computers and cell phones, ipads and pods, television and movies, and go see what’s happening outside.

If you don’t have a backyard like this, find a place to go and soak in God’s creation. It’s like a cleansing shower for the brain.

My Father has created a wonderful world…for me and for YOU.

Go enjoy!

6 thoughts on “My Backyard Bliss”

  1. This was awesome. So privileged to have shared the morning with you my love and experience the pleasures of God!


  2. I, too, have the privilege of living in the middle of nature…I go outside at least once an hour or so, if just to walk my dog. The outside has a way of bringing out the “inside” of our souls…that is when inspiration begins to flow. Thanks for the transparency.


  3. So true, Joanne. Wow, you really do spend a lot of time outside…once an hour! Good for you. I’ll let that be a challenge to me. Thanks for your input.


  4. I am so happy to share the pic of the woodpecker with you, Jenny. He really is an incredible creature. Our God is an awesome God! Hope you week-end is lovely.


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