The Wind Of Change Is Blowing

By Judy Ann Pink


Do not resist the Spirit of God as He brings forth change.

For I did not create you to exist only in this small environment. See yourself larger. Enlarge your vision.  I created you to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth.

Your purpose is not only to serve Me in this place, but to grow up into all that I have provided for you through my son, Jesus, the Christ.

Look around you… See? There’s the harvest … Out there! Do not be content only with being the blessed ones, but as freely as you have received, freely give. I did not give you the gift of eternal life to hoard it, to keep it only to yourself, or to only share it with a few.  You are to share the good news of the gospel with every creature until the knowledge of the glory of God covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.

Set your sights on things above. Know that I desire that no one should perish.  Know your place in the great commission.  Put on the full armor of God and GO into the battle.

For those who will obey My voice, there are great exploits for you to accomplish. It is by faith ONLY, says the Lord. If you think that you have to make the way, then you don’t know My ways. Stop your small thinking and just trust Me as I lead you. Let Me make the way.

For I would enlarge even YOUR house, says the Lord! Your dwelling is not big enough. I hear the Lord saying…Blow out the walls or MOVE, but don’t remain in a place spiritually or physically where God cannot expand you.

The stress of lack, of not having enough is released from you this day!  I, the Lord, am the God of MORE than enough! Your job is to trust and obey, move when I move, and let the wind of change take you into your destiny.

3 thoughts on “The Wind Of Change Is Blowing”

  1. Judy, thank-you so very much for sharing your love of the Lord with those of us that will appreciate and enjoy your site and blogs. The Winds Of Change Is Blowing, has lifted my spirits
    and I certainly needed this one today. Thank-you again and God Bless you and yours!


    1. Thank you so much, Brenda.
      As you can tell, I am just getting started with this blog. Not sure where it will go, but I want to share what I sense the Lord is saying. I am delighted that this word ministered to you. May the wind of the Spirit blow fresh upon you and your family!
      Many blessings,


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